About Us

Welcome to the ultimate culinary experience in fine American dining, an authentic diner as it should be. With themed interior boasting a retro outfit and classical booth style seating, we are no ordinary diner… we are Big Moe’s Diner.

At Big Moe’s we are not called BIG for no reason. We offer the best in taste and quantity till the stomach is content, with the finest tasting luscious steaks and burgers grilled to homemade perfection.

Big Moe’s offers a great setting with all the bells and whistles that come with a 1950s theme diner. We are talking about a 1950’s Cadillac, Chevrolet style booth seating, vintage record albums and big juke box players, all of which are iconic features of American diners.

Asides from the memorabilia, our surround audio system playing classic rock and roll hits are bound to put a spring in your feet, and when the food arrives even your taste buds will be doing the twist!

Who is Big Moe?

Big Moe’s is the dream of a man who worked tireless day and night to perfect the ultimate dining experience. For Big Moe, diners across the UK were lacking the essential quality of homemade, taste not to mention the other values that make American diners famous around the globe.

The same spirit and tradition of the classic 1950s diner can still be found in US diners; unfortunately few British diners have truly recreated the theme. Big Moe strongly believed that the dining experience must offer great food and good times, leaving happy memories that can last a lifetime.

Big Moe wanted to share the taste of his lovingly cooked homemade BBQ grill meals. Big Moe felt so strongly about bringing the ultimate American diner onto the food scene that he worked night and day and gave up everything he had to achieve this dream.

Meticulously, he brought to life all the intricate details that make Big Moe’s Diner so unique and refreshing.